Neoclassicism in the North

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April 1999



When Crown Prince Gustaf returned from Versailles in 1771 to ascend the throne of Sweden, he was determined to give his country a leading place in Europe culturally as well as politically.


The Royal Palace, Stockholm, home of Sweden's kings; Gripsholm, an island castle; Ovedskloster, "too royal for a commoner"; Sturehof, from Rococo to neoclassicism; Hylinge, an admiral's landfall; Gunnebo, Mr. Hall's ingenious palace; Haga, Gustaf III's Trianon; Tullgarn, the summer palace of Prince Frederik Adolf; Princess Sophia Albertina's Palace, the Foreign Ministry's royal quarters, Stockholm; Bernshammer, profit, patronage and nobility; Ostana, antiquarian treasures on the Baltic shore; the Masreliez Rooms, Stockholm, hidden luxury in the old town; Rosersberg, Carl's country retreat as prince and king; Sperlingsholm, "outside, a fatherland. Inside, a friend"; Elghammer, a Russian house in Sweden; Skottorp, the Commercial Counsellor's Empire; the Hazelius House, Stockholm, a Biedermeier home; Hogsjogard, serious simplicity; Rosendal, French seed on Swedish soil; family tree of the Holstein-Gottorp and Bernadotte dynasties; catalogue of furniture types and styles; the architects, artists and craftsmen.
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Untertitel: Swedish Furniture and Interiors, 1770-1850. New ed. 388 illustrations, 204 in colour. Sprache: Englisch.
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