Salvador Dali's Art and Writing, 1927 1942: The Metamorphosis of Narcissus

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Mai 2011



A study of the interaction between Dal 's art and writing.


Part I. Under the Sign of Saint Sebastian: 1. Lorcaean aesthetics, Cubism, and metaphysical painting stylistic developments until 1926; 2. Saint Sebasti... and the proto-surrealist paintings of 1927; 3. Words and images - freedom and the perception of limits; 4. Fear and desire - the initial phase of Dali's Aesthetics of Repugnance; Part II. Under the Sign of the Great Masturbator: 5. From anti-art to surrealism; 6. Dali, Bunuel and Un Chien andalou; 7. From Un Chien andalou to The Great Masturbator; 8. Le Grand Masturbateur and the paintings of 1929-30; Part III. Under the Sign of William Tell: 9. Revolt, defiance, and scatological provocation; 10. The omnipotence of love - Gala vs. William Tell; 11. The morphological aesthetics of the soft and hard and the search for form; 12. From symbolic functioning to 'Beings-Objects' - Dali and the surrealist object; Part IV. Under the Sign of the Angelus: 13. Paranoia-criticism - concept and theory; 14. From paranoiac intuition to conceptualization - double and multiple images; 15. Paranoiac mechanisms in The Tragic Myth of Millet's Angelus and in Dali's shorter writings; Part V. Under the Sign of Narcissus: 16. The metamorphosis of Narcissus and the dialectics of fragmentation and wholeness; 17. To become Classic - rejection of earlier surrealist attitudes and the abandonment of Freudian theory; 18. I Renounce Nothing: I Continue - observations on Dali's art and writing in the 1940s and after; Notes; Select bibliography; Index.


'... certainly one of the better books on Dali I have encountered ... the text is an excellent exposition of what was within Dali's horizon of expectations almost moment by moment. In this respect, the book is exemplary, going well beyond the tendency towards generalisation apparent in almost every other book-length work on the artist.' British Journal of Aesthetics ' ... this exuberant, well-focused study charts the metamorphosis of an unsure, neurotic Catalan painter into a dynamic, neurotic internationally famous (ex)-Surrealist.' Art Newspaper
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