A Good Fall

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In his first book of stories since The Bridegroom, National Book Award-winning author Ha Jin gives us a collection that delves into the experience of Chinese immigrants in America. A lonely composer takes comfort in the antics of his girlfriend's parakeet; young children decide to change their names so they might sound more "American," unaware of how deeply this will hurt their grandparents; a Chinese professor of English attempts to defect with the help of a reluctant former student. All of Ha Jin's characters struggle to remain loyal to their homeland and its traditions while also exploring the freedom that life in a new country offers. Stark, deeply moving, acutely insightful, and often strikingly humorous, A Good Fall reminds us once again of the storytelling prowess of this superb writer.


The Bane of the Internet A Composer and His Parakeets The Beauty Choice Children as Enemies In the Crossfire Shame An English Professor A Pension Plan Temporary Love The House Behind a Weeping Cherry A Good Fall


"His best work so far. . . . Comparable to the best of Malamud and Singer." - Kansas City Star "Captivating. . . . Ha Jin captures a new, growing slice of America. . . . The storyteller's art is richly on display here. Ha Jin has a singular talent for snaring a reader. His premises are gripping, his emotional bedrock hard and true." - The Washington Post "Engaging,. . . . Funny and tender at the same time. . . . The stories in this collection deal with what all good stories deal with: love, death, freedom and hope." - The Dallas Morning News "Quiet, careful, restrained prose-prose whose absence of flourish can, at times, make it all the more eloquent." - The New York Times Book Review "Skillful and deeply felt. . . . The collection as a whole celebrate[s] immigrant resilience: the courage to embrace calamity, hit the pavement and keep walking toward a brighter future." - The Los Angeles Times "Ha Jin's masterful storytelling persists-meticulous, droll, convincing, populated with memorable characters-not to mention the indelible portrait of an immigrant life he gives us." - San Francisco Chronicle "[Jin] writes with warmth and humor about what it means to be a bewildered stranger in a strange land, no matter where one is born." - People Magazine "Engrossing, visceral. . . . All [stories] come across with the straightforward declarative immediacy of a videotaped interview or testimonial. . . . [An] illuminating, well-integrated collection." - The Christian Science Monitor "[A] fine collection. . . . Jin is a master of the straightforward line . . . . [and] a significant American writer. . . . As in Chekhov's late work, his writing covers a lot of ground quickly." - The New Republic "A collection of sublime moments. . . . With moments of stark insight. . . . A message worth hearing." - The Denver Post "Every story . . . offer[s] evocative snapshots of the lives of contemporary first-generation Chinese immigrants. . . . [They] will take up quiet residence in your consciousness, shining a light into lives that too often go unseen." - The Boston Globe "Ha Jin continues his intimate, up-close look at Chinese immigrant life. . . . All [are] artfully turned out in Jin's quietly seismic style." - Elle "Included are the rich imagery, attention to detail, and wry humor that are Jin's stock in trade and that, when taken together, offer-as fellow writer Francine Prose has noted-'a compelling exploration of the . . . terrain that is the human heart.'" - Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star "Jin's carefully constructed worlds offer the reader so much pleasure." - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "[Jin's] unvarnished prose adds a no-nonsense charm to the stories. . . . He just leans on simple phrasing that could come out of Sherwood Anderson or Ernest Hemingway. . . . Jin's approach is the more honest one, and the one more likely to endure." - Chicago Sun-Times "Ha Jin's new book of stories rises way above the ordinary or merely good. . . . The embarrassments and jokes and adulteries and frustrations of these characters in their little prosaic spaces convey the sense of how each human being is like and unlike all others." - New York Post "This may be Ha Jin's best work yet, his stories often ascending to the mystical penumbra we expect of singer, Malamud, or O'Connor. . . . Ha Jin is equally good as a novelist and a short story writer. . . . Stories still allow him to get to the heart of the matter in a more piercing manner." - The Huffington Post "Jin writes with a twinkle in his eye." - Cleveland Plain Dealer "The understated clashes of culture [in A Good Fall ] reveal careful thematic design and provide an almost 360-degree view of this select human experience: The concerns of people everywhere trying to make a better life come alive, one deceptively simple story at a time." - The Miami Herald "[Jin's] work is shot through with a sense of isolation, melancholy and sacrifice: what it means-and costs-
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