The State of the Nation's Ecosystems: Measuring the Lands, Waters, and Living Resources of the United States

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September 2002



Provides succinct, comprehensive yet scientifically sound and non-partisan view of state of ecosystems in US.


Foreword; List of participants; Acknowledgments; Part I. The State of the Nation's Ecosystems: Philosophy, Framework, and Findings: 1. Reporting on the state of the nation's ecosystems; 2. The reporting framework; 3. The state of the nation's ecosystems: what we know and what we don't know; Part II. The Indicators: 4. Core national indicators; 5. Coasts and oceans; 6. Farmlands; 7. Forests; 8. Fresh waters; 9. Grasslands and shrublands; 10. Urban and suburban lands; Part III. Appendix and Technical Notes: Data Availability and Gaps; Technical notes.


' ... this report is noteworthy in initiating an essential and long overdue dialogue about the state of our nation's ecosystems. The Heinz Center and the authors of the report are to be commended for pursuing the project, documenting our current understanding of the state of the nation's environment, and attempting to insert the topic of ecosystem integrity into contemporary political discourse.' BioScience 'this beautifully illustrated book in full color provides a blue print for periodic reporting on the state and the use of ecosystems in the USA.' International Journal of Environmental Studies
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