Exploring the Urban Past: Essays in Urban History by H. J. Dyos

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Februar 2003



During the 1960s and 1970s, the growth of interest in the urban past was one of the most prominent developments in historical studies in the United Kingdom. In large part, this was due to the work of the late H. J. Dyos, Professor of Urban History at the University of Leicester, as teacher, writer and propagandist. This book brings together some of Dyos's most important and influential essays, written over nearly thirty years. At one level, this book may be read as a fitting memorial to the work, influence and writings of a first-rate historian; at another, it furnishes an indispensable guide to the study of urban development and the nineteenth-century city and to the perspective which that study affords on the urban present.


Acknowledgements; Introduction: H. J. Dyos and the urban process David Reeder; Part I. The Urbanising World: 1. The Victorian city in historical perspective; 2. Urbanity and suburbanity; 3. Greater and greater London: metropolis and provinces in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; 4. Some historical reflections on the quality of urban life; Part II. Transport and Urban Transformation: 5. The objects of street improvement in Regency and early Victorian London; 6. Workmen's fare in south London, 1860-1914; 7. Railways and housing in Victorian London; 8. Some social costs of railway-building in London; Part III. The Urban Fabric: 9. The slums of Victorian London; 10. The speculative builders and developers of Victorian London; 11. A Victorian speculative builder: Edward Yates; 12. A guide to the streets of Victorian London; Conclusion; Appendix; Notes.
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