Finding Out about Asperger's Syndrome, High Functioning Autism and PDD

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Januar 2000



Gunilla, who is now an adult, received her diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome several years ago. She has written this book for all children and teenagers who have similar difficulties. It's an important book - in fact, it's the only one of its kind.


Me and you and Asperger Syndrome. What are our difficulties? Thinking differently. It's usually a good idea to ask! Our five senses. But we don't have just difficulties- Learning that you have a disability. Why is it called Asperger Syndrome? When do you get Asperger Syndrome? How do you get Asperger Syndrome? Some final words.


Gunilla Gerland was diagnosed as having Asperger Syndrome several years ago. She is the author of the autobiography A Real Person: Life on the Outside and is very active in informing about the condition, through writing and lecturing all over Europe. She lives in Stockholm where she also works closely with the Swedish National Autism Society.
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