VCR Troubleshooting and Repair

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Whether you want to fix the distorted picture on your screen, keep your home VCR working and trouble-free, preserve your video library, or improve your professional qualifications, this book will give you the help you need.


Introduction to VCR Maintenance * Basic Troubleshooting * Routine Preventive Maintenance * Specific Troubleshooting and Repair * Magnetic Recording Theory * VCR Color Processing Theory * VCR Luminance Processing Theory * VCR Servo Control * VCR Audio Processing * VCR System Control, Electromechanical Interfacing, Mechanical Operation, Tuners, Audio/Video Demodulators, RF Modulators, Audio/Video Hookup Configurations, and Power Supplies * Advanced Troubleshooting


The book covers in a very concise and clear manner how VCR components work, how they fail, and how to fix them. Highly recommended for all libraries. - Library Journal 2004
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