Cities After Socialism

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September 1996



"Cities After Socialism" is the first substantial and authoritative analysis of the role of cities in the transition to capitalism that is occurring in the former communist states of Easter Europe and the Soviet Union. It will be of equal value to urban specialists and to those who have a more general interest in the most dramatic socio-political event of the contemporary era - the collapse of state socialism. Written by an international group of leading experts in the field, Cities after socialism asks and answers some crucial questions about the nature of the emergent post-socialist urban system and the conflicts and inequalities which are being generated by the processes of change now occurring."


List of Contributors. Preface. 1. Cities in the Transition: Michael Harloe. 2. Structural Change and Boundary Instability: Gregory Andrusz. 3. The Socialist City: David Smith. 4. Urbanisation under Socialism: Georgy Enyedi. 5. Privatisation and its Discontents: Property Rights in Land and Housing in the transition in Eastern Europe: Peter Marcuse. 6. Housing Privatisation in the Former Soviet Bloc to 1995: Raymond J. Struyk. 7. From the Socialist to the Capitalist City - Experiences from Germany: Hartmut Haussermann. 8. Environmental and Housing Movements in Cities after Socialism: The Cases of Budapest and Moscow: Chris Pickvance. 9. A New Movement in an Ideological Vacuum: Nationalism in Eastern Europe: Klaus von Beyme. 10. Cities Under Socialism: and After: Ivan Szelenyi. Bibliography. Index.


Gregory Andrusz,is Reader in Sociology at Middlesex University. Michael Harloeis Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic & Research, Professor of Sociology at Essex University. Ivan Szelenyi is Professor of Sociology at UCLA.
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