Flying Lessons: 122 Strategies to Equip Your Child to Soar Into Life with Competence and Confidence

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Flying Lessons shows parents how to enhance their child's mental game using targeted activities, which were developed over 15 years of working with children. These exercises teach values such as setting and achieving goals, team building, fair play, and personal responsibility.
This book equips kids with the same techniques being taught to adults by executive or life coaches. These are the skills and techniques parents want their children to learn in a fun, non-threatening and effective way. The lasting impact of the author's approach is that children respond like champions in every aspect of their day-and for the rest of their lives. Chapters include: Talk Yourself Into Greatness Direct Your Own Mental Movies Act Like a Star Carbon Copy Greatness Fill Your Mind with Moments of Gold Pen a Babe of a Nickname


Gregg Steinberg, PhD, is an associate professor of sport psychology at Austin Peay State University. As a practitioner and internationally known speaker in this field, he is a frequent contributor to Fox News, CNN Headline News, and the Golf Channel. He is the author of MentalRules for Golf, as well as the associate editor for the Journal of Sport Behavior. Dr. Steinberg is the head sport psychologist for the United States Golf Teacher Federation and has consulted with many college teams and professional athletes on the mental game.
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