Grieving for Dummies

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Coping and recovery strategies for dealing with the loss of a loved one Whether the death of a loved one is sudden or expected, grieving the loss is a difficult yet transformative process. "Grieving For Dummies" approaches this very important subject with sensitivity, helping readers who are grieving the loss of a loved one as well as those who want to support them in this process. This compassionate guide covers all types of profound losses, including parents, spouses and partners, children, siblings, friends, and pets. It also addresses children's grieving and how the manner of death may cause additional hurdles to grieving the loss. The book is filled with practical suggestions for moving through the phases, stages, and tasks of grieving with an eye towards successfully integrating the loss of a loved one, while at the same time, keeping the love shared alive.


Foreword. Introduction. Part I: Contemplating Grief. Chapter 1: Connecting Grieving with Loss. Chapter 2: Relating Grief to the Manner of Death. Chapter 3: The Loss of Parents. Chapter 4: The Loss of Spouses and Partners. Chapter 5: The Loss of Siblings. Chapter 6: The Loss of Children. Chapter 7: Children and Grief. Chapter 8: The Loss of Friends. Chapter 9: The Loss of Pets. Part II: Experiencing Grief. Chapter 10: Doing Your Own Grief Crisis Management. Chapter 11: Working through the Process of Grief. Chapter 12: Troubled Grieving. Chapter 13: When Someone You Care About Is Suffering Acute Grief. Part III: Healing Grief. Chapter 14: Expressing Your Grief. Chapter 15: Exploring the Physical Side of Grief. Chapter 16: Coping with Holidays and Anniversaries. Part IV: Appreciating Grief. Chapter 17: Exploring Grief in the Spiritual Traditions. Chapter 18: Integrating the Loss. Chapter 19: Commemorating Those You've Lost. Part V: The Part of Tens. Chapter 20: Top Ten Cliches about Grieving. Chapter 21: Top Ten Ways to Help Someone Who's Grieving. Chapter 22: Top Ten or So Online Bereavement Resources. Chapter 23: Ten Meditations Related to Grief. Index.


Greg Harvey, PhD, is a member of the American Academy of Bereavement (AAB) and the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) as well as a patient care, vigil, and bereavement volunteer for a hospice in the San Francisco Bay area.
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