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The village of St. Julian figured in several battles of the First World War, but this new volume in the Battleground Europe series concentrates on the site's darkest moment: the first use of poison gas as a weapon of war. The German command drew upon the nation's extensive chemical industry in an attempt to break what was clearly developing into a stalemate. The first gas-loaded shells were fired on April 22, 1915, many landing on positions held by Canadian troops. Unpredictably shifting winds and handkerchiefs improvised into masks by quick-thinking troops blunted the effectiveness of the gas, allowing British, French and Canadian troops to regain the ground initially lost.The St. Julian region saw many acts of courage in the face of unknown and deadly weapons. Maps, photos and sketches cover all the major units and actions at the site, including all eight Victoria Crosses won, and provide a guide to the area as it is today.


Dr G J Keech has been researching the Great War for over twenty years, an, interest, which resulted from the desire to find out more about a relative who was killed in the war in 1917. He was for seven years successively the Deputy Chairmen and Chairman of the Western Front Association. He has already has two more Battleground Europe series books to his credit, Pozieres and Bullecourt.
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