The Archaeology of Australia's History

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Mai 1994



This book presents new pictures of the public and private lives of Australians of the recent past, as revealed through archaeological investigations.


Foreword; Preface; 1. 'There are no traces now': the material heritage of Australian history; 2. 'They came by sea': the historical archaeology of precolonial contact; 3. The birth of a nation: seeking the remains of early Sydney; 4. 'It didn't always work': investigating the sites of failed settlements; 5. The convict contribution: vestiges of the penal system; 6. 'I built a little homestead': extracting history from houses; 7. 'I cleared the land and fenced it': reading the rural landscape; 8. 'Out of the ground came wealth': the archaeological evidence for mining; 9. Made in Australia: information from industrial relics; 10. 'The glad bright days have vanished': the potential of Australian historical archaeology; Suggested activities; Suggested reading; Index.


'Connah has demonstrated the variety of approaches and concerns of this fast-growing discipline. I recommend his book to all readers interested in the study of Australia's theory.' Victorian Historical Journal 'Connah has done well to pick the eyes out of nearly twenty-five years of very patchy research and to weave it into a coherent account of possibilities of historical archaeology. In so doing he has made such research more accessible to the interested layperson.' Australian Historical Studies 'This book clearly achieves far more than the stated objective of introducing historic archaeology to the public at large. It is a highly readable, informative account which reflects the state of historic archaeology in Australia at present and will be an excellent benchmark as to its progress in the future.' Australian Journal of Historical Archaeology
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