Best of Booch: Designing Strategies for Object Technology

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No one can dispute the impact Grady Booch's writings have had on object-oriented technology. Best of Booch contains articles on various object-oriented topics published since Grady Booch's book Object Oriented Modeling and Design with Applications. Designed for software professionals who are concerned about the success of their object-oriented projects, this volume covers all aspects of the Booch method and how a complete method must address a model's notation and semantics as well as a process for creating that model. Many of the articles have been updated to reflect the current thinking in the Unified Modeling Language (UML).


1. Managing complexity; 2. The business of object technology; 3. Process and products; 4. Projects and teams; 5. Models; 6. Architecture; 7. Implementation; 8. Looking ahead.


'I am certain that anyone involved in any way in a programming project team ... would find this paperback a great help and of much general interest.' Peter Wippell, CVu
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