The Lady Grace Mysteries: Feud

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Januar 2008



When the famous painter Levina Teerlimc arrives to paint the Queen's portrait, the Maids of Honour are recruited to help entertain the Queen during the sittings. One of Lady Grace's fellow Maids of Honour, Carmina, begins to act rather strangely. Is it possible that Carmina is being poisoned? Could the painter or her assistant be involved?


Lady Grace Cavendish was a Maid of Honour at the court of Queen Elizabeth, She became a ward of court after both her parents were tragically killed in the service of the Queen. Her daybooks, written for her own pleasure, have now reached a wide audience.


"An excellent addition to the brilliant Lady Grace Mysteries series" Cork Evening Echo "A gripping historical thriller" The Sunday Times "Makes for a diverting read but is also educational for its young readers" South Wales Argus
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Untertitel: 'The Lady Grace Mysteries'. Sprache: Englisch.
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