Nathan the Wise

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Juni 2003



An 18th-century German play about religious tolerance in a terrific new translation.


G.E. Lessing (1729-81) wrote three plays in addition to Nathan the Wise (1779): Miss Sara Sampson (1755), based on the novels of Samuel Richardson and revived at the National Theatre, London, by Declan Donnellan; Minna von Barnhelm (1767), the first German comedy, and Emilia Galotti (1772), a 'Middle-class tragedy'. Edward Kemp is a writer, director and literary manager at Chichester Festival Theatre. Other work includes a two-part adaptation of The Mysteries for the RSC, published by NHB and a new play about the Gunpowder Plot, 5/11, premiered at Chichester in August 2005.


"'An engrossing revival of a serious classic' Daily Mail 'New prose translation by Edward Kemp, lucid, colloquial and witty' The Times. 'Edward Kemp's terrific translation balances German gravitas with a comic deftness' FT 'A striking... mix of ethical preaching and comedy - with notable echoes of The Merchant of Venice... this multicultural tale is certainly relevant to our time' Independent on Sunday."
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