Left Behind or Left Befuddled: The Subtle Dangers of Popularizing the End Times

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Juni 2008



The extraordinary success of the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins shows that their action/adventure novels have tapped into the American psyche. It has revived our fascination with vivid images of the book of Revelation and other biblical texts: the Antichrist, the mysterious number 666, and people suddenly "raptured" into the sky by God. But is there something dangerous behind the thinking in these books and how they play out in our world today? In Left Behind or Left Befuddled, Gordon Isaac takes the reader inside the theology behind the series. In clear and accessible prose, Isaac answers many important questions that Christians have about the phenomenon that is Left Behind: - Is this vision of the end times really biblical? - Why do people have such a powerful response to it? - What are alternative ways to think about the end times? - How do the books view Catholics and other Christians? - What does this vision of things mean for Israel and the Jewish people? - How can we counter the myths proposed in the series as fact?

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