The Character of Kinship

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September 2004



A collection of specially commissioned essays dealing with general aspects of kinship, family and marriage from an anthropological point of view.


Part I. Kinship and Descent: 1. Descent and marriage reconsidered Fredrik Barth; 2. Kinship, descent and locality: some New Guinea examples Andrew Strathern; 3. Descent in New Guinea: an Africanist view Jean La Fontaine; 4. Complementary filiation and bilateral kinship Edmund Leach; Part II. The Nature of Kinship: 5. Genetrix: genitor: nature: culture? J. A. Barnes; 6. The long term and the short term: the economic and political significance of the morality of kinship Maurice Bloch; 7. The kith and the kin Julian Pitt-Rivers; Part III. The Nature of the Family: 8. Kinship, attachment behaviour and the primary bond Derek Freeman; 9. The matrifocal family Raymond T. Smith; 10. Furies, witches and mothers Grace Harris; Part IV. Marriage and Affinal Roles: 11. Some aspects of levirate R. G. Abrahams; 12. Polygyny, economy and the role of women Jack Goody; 13. From varna to caste through mixed unions S. J. Tambiah; Notes; Bibliography of the writings of Meyer Fortes J. A . Barnes; References; Index.


'Goody, an outstanding Cambridge University anthropologist, has provided another volume that contributes new approaches to the multiple, inextricable, complex facets of the character of kinship from theoretical perspectives within the context of the entire range of human societies. He has brought together essays by 13 leading anthropologists, including himself, who deal with general themes and problems rather than ethnographic, descriptive details ... . This volume is published to honour Cambridge University anthropologist Meyer Fortes upon his retirement. Fortes' major achievements include significant contributions to the understanding of kinship. Anthropologists, sociologists, and social scientists who are interested in social organization in general and/or kinship specifically will find this book to be a welcome asset.' H. Leon Abrams, Jr., Sociology, August 1974
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