Violence in Colombia, 1990-2000: Waging War and Negotiating Peace

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Violence In Colombia provides students with a deeper understanding of the crisis facing Colombia today. The book focuses on the 1990s, a decade that witnessed a strengthening of the oldest and largest guerrilla insurgency in the Americas and the eme


Chapter 1 Introduction: Problems of Violence, Prospects for Peace Chapter 2 Violence, Power, and Collective Action: A Comparison between Bolivia and Colombia Chapter 3 The Constitution of 1991: An Institutional Evaluation Seven Years Later Chapter 4 Drug Trafficking and the National Economy Chapter 5 The Equivocal Dimensions of Human Rights in Colombia Chapter 6 From Private to Public Violence: The Paramilitaries Chapter 7 Victims and Survivors of War in Colombia: Three Views of Gender Relations Chapter 8 Social and Popular Movements in a time of Cholera, 1977-1999 Chapter 9 The War on Paper: A Balance Sheet on Works Published in the 1990s Chapter 10 Waging War and Negotiating Peace: The Contemporary Crisis in Historical Perspective


Accompanied by key documents on the current cycle of violence and revealing chapters by knowledgeable collaborators on drug trafficking and the national economy, violations of human rights, war, violence and gender, and social movements, this book is a benchmark in the literature on Colombian politics. Ideal for the classroom. -- Brian Loveman, San Diego State University From the dark labyrinth of Colombia come these ten remarkable essays-each a rare combination of professional objectivity and political engagement-to explain a nation in the 1990s that has been at war with itself for a half century. The complex interplay of today's actors, the State, the guerrillas, the paramilitaries, the drug traffickers, civil society, women and men who are the victims and the survivors of these wars, and now increasingly the U.S. government, is dramatically revealed in these pages. -- Herbert Tico Braun, University of Virginia Authored by the most insightful Colombian intellectuals, this is an important, timely book that is essential to understanding the current crisis in Colombia and possible solutions. -- Catherine LeGrand, McGill University The editors of this work are to be commended for crafting an important book that synthesizes the extant literature showing the historical continuities that line Colombia's violent past with the present. Revista Iberoamericana
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