The Politics of Passion

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Gloria Wekker analyzes the phenomenon of mati work, an old practice among Afro-Surinamese working-class women in which marriage is rejected in favor of male and female sexual partners. Wekker vividly describes the lives of these women, who prefer to create alternative families of kin, lovers, and children, and gives a fascinating account of women's sexuality that is not limited to either heterosexuality or same-sex sexuality. She offers new perspectives on the lives of Caribbean women, transnational gay and lesbian movements, and an Afro-Surinamese tradition that challenges conventional Western notions of marriage, gender, identity, and desire. Bringing these women's voices to the forefront, she offers an extensive and groundbreaking analysis of the unique historical, religious, psychological, economic, linguistic, cultural, and political forces that have shaped their lives.


Preface and Acknowledgments 1. No Tide, No Tamara / Not Today, Not Tomorrow: Misi Juliette Cummings's Life History 2. Suriname, Sweet Suriname: A Political Economy of Gendered and Racialized Inequality 3. Winit, an Afro-Surinamese Religion and the Multiplicitous Self 4. Kon Sidon na mi Tapu.../ Then He Comes and Sits Down on Top of Me... Relationships Between Women and Men 5. Mati Work 6. Sexualitiy on the MoveNotes Works Cited Index


Gloria Wekker


"[A] profound ethnography." -- New West Indian Guide
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