The Complete Muffin Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Making Great Muffins

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November 2005



Close your eyes and imagine biting into a still-warm-from-the-oven Black Cherry Blossom or Pumpkin-Banana Muffin. Choose from such tempting choices as Apple Ginger and Triple-Apricot Ambrosia Muffins. And muffins aren?t just for breakfast anymore. With the right combination of ingredients--think pears, sun-dried tomato, cream cheese--muffins go great with soups and salads, or make a delicious snack. The Complete Muffin Cookbook is an extraordinary collection of delectable muffins that are made with wholesome, nutritious ingredients. Each recipe includes precise nutritional information so you know exactly what you?re eating--and there's even a chapter on Low-Fat and Still Yummy creations. Best of all, best-selling author and muffin-baker Gloria Ambrosia shares her muffin-making wisdom--her list of staples, detailing the various types of flour, sweeteners, and utensils used to help make sure her muffins are not only sensational, but also quick and easy to make.

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