A Vous D'Ecrire: Atelier de Francais

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Januar 1996



A vous d'ecrire: Atelier de francais is a brand new text for third-year composition courses, typically taken by French majors and minors. The text is organized around genres of writing, specifically focusing on the types of writing these students are generally asked to produce. A vous d' ecrire: atelier de francais is different from other texts available because it provides students with step-by-step guidance during the writing process along with lively writing models.


Table des matis CHAPRE PRIMINAIRE Premi partie : Condenser et transmettre des informations CHAPRE 1 La prise de notes CHAPRE 2 Le rm CHAPRE 3 Le compte-rendu critique CHAPRE 4 Le texte informatif Deuxi partie : Exprimer ses propres id CHAPRE 5 Le portrait CHAPRE 6 La description d'un lieu CHAPRE 7 Le rt CHAPRE 8 L'analyse de texte CHAPRE 9 L'essai d'id


Judith A. Muyskens is Professor of French at the University of Cincinnati, where she teaches courses in methodology and French language, supervises teaching assistants, and is department head. She received her Ph.D. from Ohio State University in Foreign Language Education with a minor in twentieth-century French literature. She is a coauthor of several other French textbooks.
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