Life in the Country

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April 2003



In this richly colorful collection of stories, a masterwork of Naturalistic writing, Giovanni Verga attempts to capture the very essence of Sicilian life. A licentious woman coerces her son-in-law into agreeing to an illicit affair; a young boy, forced to work down in a mine to make a living, is robbed of his childhood and ultimately his life; a returning soldier toys with the affections of local girls and unleashes a sea of passion and vengeance from the village folk--read together, these stories form a remarkable chronicle of Sicilian country life in all its harsh reality. Giovanni Verga is Italy's foremost Naturalist writer; he is best remembered for "The House by the Medlar Tree," his saga of a family of Sicilian fishermen.


Foreword by Paul Bailey; Introduction; Life in the Country; A Reverie; Jeli the Herdboy; Nasty Foxfur; Rustic Honour; She-Wolf; Bindweed's Lover; The War of the Saints; Crackpot; Notes; Biographical note


Giovanni Verga (1840-1922) is Italy's foremost writer of the school of Naturalism, best remembered for his saga of a family of Sicilian fishermen, The House by the Medlar Tree. Paul Bailey has so far written eight novels, a memoir, a biography and edited several anthologies. He is also a frequent contributor to Radio and TV and works as a critic and reviewer for the Times Literary Supplement and other newspapers.

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