Women, Scholarship and Criticism c.1790-1900

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Februar 2001



This innovative volume explores a wide range of artistic, critical, and cultural productions by women scholars, critics, and artists between 1790 and 1900, many of whom are little known. The essays question the concepts of “scholarship,” “criticism,” and “artist” across different disciplines, focusing on the gendered associations and exclusions and on structures of sexual difference. Women discussed include Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Sydney Morgan, and Anna Jameson; actresses such as Elizabeth Siddons, Dorothy Jordan, and Mary Robinson; critics such as Margaret Oliphant and Mary Cowden Clarke; historians such as Agnes Strickland, Lucy Aikin, Mary Anne Everett Green, Elizabeth Cooper, and Lucy Toulmin Smith; the writers and readers of women's magazines; educationalists such as the Shirreff sisters, and translators such as Anna Swanwick, as well as many others.


Introduction: Gender and Women's History Gill Perry, Anne Laurence, Joan Bellamy Chapter 1: Musing On Muses: Representing The Actress as 'Artist' in British Art of the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries Gill Perry Chapter 2: Distant Prospects and Smaller Circles: Questions of Authority in Maria Edgeworth's Irish Writings Madeline Thompson Chapter 3: Scholarship and Sensibility: Anna Jameson and Sydney Morgan in Siren Land Chloe Chard Chapter 4: Mary Shelley as Editor of the Poems of Percy Shelley Richard Allen Chapter 5: Women and Education in Nineteenth Century England Rosemary O'Day Chapter 6:Mary Cowden Clarke's Labours of Love Cicely Palser Havely Chapter 7: Women Historians and Documentary Research: Lucy Aikin, Agnes Strickland, Mary Anne Everett Green, and Lucy Toulmin Smith Anne Laurence Chapter 8:Margaret Oliphant, "Mightier than the mightiest of her sex." Joan Bellamy Chapter 9: 'Hints on Household Taste' and 'The Art of Decoration': Authors, Their Audience and Gender in Interior Design Colin Cunningham Chapter 10: Women, Translation and Empowerment Lorna Hardwick Chapter 11: 'I Love My Sex': Two Late-Victorian Pulpit Women Susan Mumm Postscript Bibliography Biographies


Joan Bellamy was Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the Open University between 1984-1990, and founder and director of the Women in the Humanities Research Group. Anne Laurence is Senior Lecturer in History at the Open University. Gill Perry is Senior Lecturer in Art History at the Open University
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