A Window on Literature: Literary Texts for Early and Mid-Intermediate Learners of English

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Juni 1999



Literary texts for lower-intermediate to intermediate learners.


To the teacher; Table of contents; 1 Do what I say; 2 Plans and decisions; 3 Fairy stories; 4 An empty room; 5 Mystery; 6 Parents; 7 Sharing; 8 Memories; 9 Maids and madams; 10 Music and birdsong; 11 Growing older; 12 An excursion; Key.


'The texts and pictures are interesting and motivating and the drama extracts are fun to act. The activities are varied and useful, and the students liked doing them. (We could not try the listening parts as I did not have the cassette.) It is a book, in short, which offers enriching, enjoyable and valuable activities.' Susan Bhaumik, SATEFL Newsletter Vol 19 No 3 'If you want to be able to involve literature in your teaching wihtout having to go to too much trouble, A Window on Literature is a resource that both the teacher and the learners can really enjoy.' Modern English Teacher, Jan. 2001 'Each text becomes a springboard for personalised activities ... this is done in such a well staged manner that even students who claim to have 'no imagination', or who are not creative, have no trouble in participating.' EL Gazette, 2001
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