Is Anyone Listening?

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August 2003



This book paints an overall picture of how domestic violence is being dealt with today and how contemporary concerns about service-user participation in improving services can be put into real and lasting effect.


Contents 1. Introduction Section One: Rethinking Service User Movements in Relation to Women Survivors of Violence 2. Women Survivors of Domestic Violence as Service Users: The Silenced Group 3. The Obstacles to Empowerment - What Kind of Power for Women Section Two: Women's Views and Voices in Domestic Violence Services 4. What Abused Women Think of the Service They Receive 5. How Much Do Agencies Listen to Domestic Violence Survivors? Section Three: How to Engage in Survivor Participation and Consultation 6. How To Do It: Empowerment and Stigma 7. How To Do It: Policies, Sensitivities and Resources 8. Practical Ways Forward and Innovation, Including Domestic Violence Forums 9. Further Innovatory Practice: Women's Aid, Women's Advocacy Organisations and Campaigns 10. Other Methods of Survivors Participation and Getting Agencies to Take Action 11. Conclusion
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