Book Commissioning and Acquisition

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Since its first publication, this essential guide to book commissioning has established itself as the one and only 'must-read' for any successful editor, and the core training text used both within publishing houses and on publishing courses worldwide.In this new edition, Davies concentrates on the essential skills of commissioning, as well as other editorial challenges such as handling new lists following mergers and takeovers, and the demands of digital technology. New case-studies have been added which illustrate the commercial and practical problems that editors must address in today's complex and demanding marketplace.This book remains the one text that editors must have by their side throughout their careers.


Gill Davies worked in publishing for 26 years and became one of the leading academic publishers in her field. She held three managing directorships in that time since beginning work in publishing as an editorial secretary, and worked in New York for two years. She was the first woman to be elected Chair of the Council of Academic Publishing at the Publishers' Association of Great Britain. Professor Gill Davies is now Director of the MA in Book Publishing at the London College of Communication. She also provides training on courses for young editors run by the Publishing Training Centre and other organisations.


"This is an excellent guide for all aspiring editorial staff and, indeed, established editors. Gill Davies gives a very clear and in-depth picture of how to acquire and live with an editorial job-title. Her information is delivered in an authoritative, brisk style with a dash of wry humour and clear enthusiasm for a job which can be both exciting, very rewarding and very nerve-racking. Established editors can also learn from this book and I shall happily recommend it to all the staff I help to train."
-Mary Tapissier Director, HR and Training, Hodder Headline Publishing
..."This is a first-class complete and measured account of everything that a commissioning editor needs to know."
-Richard Balkwill, Copy Train
..."The book is truly 'master and commander' of its subject. Its appeal to editors is obvious - whether they are new, aspiring, or 'old hands' - but Ms Davies' book should also be compulsory reading for publishing company directors, especially those chief executives or senior corporate accountants who believe in the book fairy, and who imagine that commissioning and editing good books is an easy and leisurely affair when compared to the real world of grappling with annual budgets and three-year forecasts
-Richard Balkwill, Copy Train
..."Gill Davies' book has many outstanding qualities. Its single most remarkable feature is balance: it maintains the equilibrium between competing forces, whether the contest is between creative authors and target-bound editors; or between achieving intangible 'value-add', and ensuring quality through meticulous detail. The book shows at every turn that the author has lived in the difficult 'real world' of an author'saspirations and a company's commercial goals. To understand, even to reconcile these sometimes opposing demands, buy and read Gill's book."
-Richard Balkwill, Copy Train
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