The Riddle and the Knight: In Search of Sir John Mandeville, the World's Greatest Traveler

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November 2002



Milton's first book, "The Riddle and the Knight, " is part travelogue, part historical mystery, and a fascinating account of the legend of Sir John Mandeville, a long-forgotten knight who was once the most famous writer in medieval Europe.


Giles Milton is the author of the critically acclaimed "Nathaniel's Nutmeg, or, The True and Incredible Adventures of the Spice Trader Who Changed the Course of History "(1999) and, most recently, "Big Chief Elizabeth: The Adventures and Fate of the First English Colonists in America" (2000). He lives in London.


"Count on author Giles Milton to be witty, entertaining and intellectually stimulating....Brilliant." --"The Plain Dealer "(Cleveland)
"[Milton] demonstrate[s] his sharp eye for the significant detail or event....Engaging." --"The New York Times Book Review"
"A rare and excellent work that combines scholarship with intrigue, Milton's book may induce that wonderful swoon usually contracted after long hours researching libraries and labyrinths of history." --"Publishers Weekly"
"Pioneer traveller or shameless charlatan, Sir John Mandeville had a huge influence both on the history of exploration and on all subsequent English literature. Here at last is a book which, while always readable and amusing, takes Sir John Mandeville as seriously as he deserves." --John Julius Norwich
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