The Italians in Australia

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August 2003



The Italians comprised the first truly large wave of immigrants to arrive in Australia from Southern Europe after World War II and currently number around one million. Gianfranco Cresciani's authoritative account of their significant contributions to the development of Australian society through the twentieth century is comprehensive. As an authority on Italian life in Australia, Cresciani provides a definitive account of the Italo-Australian community entering the twenty-first century.


1. A country of emigrants; 2. Italians discover Australia, 1788-1900; 3. The Italian presence, 1900-40; 4. Fascism and anti-Fascism 1922-40; 5. Italians and Australians at war 1940-7; 6. Mass migration, 1947-71; 7. Full circle.


Gianfranco Cresciani was born in Trieste, Italy and emigrated to Australia in 1962. He has researched the history of Italian migration to Australia since 1971, and is the author of many books on Italian culture including Fascism, Anti-Fascism and Italians in Australia 1922-1945 and was the editor of Australia, the Australians and the Italian Migration. He is currently the general manager of infrastructure development within the ministry for the arts in New South Wales.


'Cresciani's is the best of the number of surveys of the Italian experience in Australia.' Professor Richard Bosworth, University of Western Australia 'Cresciani has a knowledge of the history of Italo-Australia unrivalled by anyone employed within the Australian (or Italian) academic system.' Professor Richard Bosworth, University of Western Australia 'Cresciani's book [is] a concise, masterly and a very well-written overview of its subject with a strong political emphasis and a strong grounding in Italian history ...'. Professor Desmond Cahill, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology '... the linkage between Italian history and its repercussions in Australia and elsewhere [is] fascinating.' Professor Desmond Cahill, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
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