A Whale of a Tale in Rio Vista

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November 2007



Dear Reader, Living in Rio Vista I was fascinated by the whales being lost in The Sacramento River. Although I did not live here when Humphrey visited in 1985, I am blessed with many tales and pictures of his visit. During the time Delta and Dawn were lost here I had the opportunity to see them first hand and was fascinated by the fact that they could get lost in a river. No one seemed to understand why the whales would not go under the bridge and what would drive them back in the wrong direction. With my imagination going wild about how it would make a cute story for children, I waited for what turned out to be a happy conclusion allowing me to finish my tale with a happy ending. Surprisingly enough baby whales' fascination with Humphrey's story, being lost in The Sacramento River, allowed baby whale to take control of the situation and lead her mother safely back home to the ocean.

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