Play Therapy Interventions with Children's Problems: Case Studies with Dsm-IV-Tr Diagnoses

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In this easy-to-use reference guide to the most effective play therapy techniques, the authors suggest possible diagnoses and both case study and empirical support for play therapy as the treatment of choice with a wide range of presenting problems. In this expanded and updated edition, the authors broaden their scope while still offering a concise digest of some of the most significant play therapy literature available today for practicing play therapists and researchers.


Chapter 1 Abuse & Neglect Chapter 2 Aggression and Acting-Out Chapter 3 Attachment Difficulties Chapter 4 Autism Chapter 5 Burn Victims Chapter 6 Chronic Illness Chapter 7 Deaf and Physically Challenged Children Chapter 8 Dissociation and Schizophrenia Chapter 9 Emotionally Disturbed Children Chapter 10 Enuresis and Encopresis Problems Chapter 11 Fear and Anxiety Chapter 12 Grief Chapter 13 Hospitalization Chapter 14 Learning-Disabled Children Chapter 15 Mentally Challenged (Handicapped) Chapter 16 Reading Difficulties Chapter 17 Selective Mutism Chapter 18 Self-Concept and Self-Esteem Chapter 19 Social Adjustment Problems Chapter 20 Speech Difficulties Chapter 21 Traumatization Chapter 22 Withdrawn Children


Garry L. Landreth, Ed.D., is regents professor in the Department of Counseling and Higher Education and founder of the Center for Play Therapy at the University of North Texas. Daniel S. Sweeney, Ph.D. is professor and director of the Northwest Center for Play Therapy Studies at George Fox University. Linda E. Homeyer, Ph.D., is professor and program coordinator in the Professional Counseling Program at Texas State University-San Marcos. Dee C. Ray, Ph.D., is associate professor in the Department of Counseling and Higher Education and director of the Child and Family Resource Clinic at the University of North Texas. Geraldine J. Glover, Ph.D., is associate professor in the Department of Counseling at New Mexico Highlands University-Las Vegas.


A gold mine of useful information. -- Terry Kottman In this volume play therapy articles and dissertations published over the past fifty years are digested for ease of reference. -- Charles E. Schaefer, From the first edition, 1996
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