Let's Get This Straight: A Gay- And Lesbian-Affirming Approach to Child Welfare

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Februar 2000



The first book to approach child welfare from a gay- and lesbian-affirming perspective, Let's Get This Straight uncovers and challenges the pervasive presence of "heterocentrism" within the social work profession. It draws upon case examples and in-depth interviews to illustrate the degree to which myths and stereotypes about gay and lesbian youth detrimentally affect those most in need of assistance.
Gerald P. Mallon uses an ecological perspective to highlight the five areas of child welfare:
(1) family support / preservation;
(2) protection from abuse and neglect;
(3) adoption services;
(4) out-of-home care services; and
(5) the development of foster and adoptive homes.
He discusses the implications of this ecological perspective for service delivery, the impact of laws and legislation, and the role gay and lesbian professionals can play in these areas to provide unbiased care to lesbian, gay, and bisexual clients.


1. Competent Child Welfare Services for Gay/Lesbian Children, Youth, and Their Families2. Keeping Families Together: Family-Centered Services and Issues of Sexual Orientation3. Protecting Gay/Lesbian Children and Youth: Issues of Abuse, Neglect, and Famial Violence4. Sexual Orientation and the Law: Legal Issues in Child Welfare5. Gays and Lesbians as Adoptive and Foster Parents6. Meeting the Needs of Gay/Lesbian Children and Youth in Out-of-Home Care Placements7. The Runaways and the Homeless: Gay and Lesbian Youth8. Locked in the Child Welfare Closet--Who's Got the Key?


Gerald P. Mallon


Lesbian and gay children and adults have been in child welfares closet for generations. Gary Mallon opens the door wide on the ways this population has been marginalized and even mistreated in the child welfare system, and takes a comprehensive, family-centered, ecological approach that addresses the problems and needs in each sector, from prevention to protection to family healing, as well as to foster home, adoption, and residential placement. Rich with case examples that represent diverse and complex situations, this book should be required for anyone with any connections to child welfare, inside and outside of the system. It provides an invaluable resource for administrators, practitioners, researchers, policy-makers, and students.
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