Laboring for Rights

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Oktober 1999



This groundbreaking collection of original essays examines the global response of labor unions to equity issues raised by gay men, lesbians and other sexual minorities. It covers North America, Europe, South Africa, the South Pacific, and Australia.


Acknowledgments 1. What Can be Done? Sexual Diversity and Labor Unions in Perspective Gerald Hunt 2. No Longer Outsiders: Labor's Response to Sexual Diversity in Canada Gerald Hunt 3. Fighting It Out in Canadian Courts Cynthia Petersen 4. A Short History of Gay and Lesbian Labor Activism in the United States Christian Arthur Bain 5. Lesbian and Gay Caucuses in the United States Labor Movement Miriam Frank 6. Domestic Partner Health Benefits: The Corporate Model vs. the Union Model Desma Holcomb 7. The Limits to Union: Labor, Gays and Lesbians, and Marriage in Hawaii Jonathan Goldberg-Hiller 8. Silence at Work: Trade Unions, Gender, and Sexual Diversity in the South Pacific Jacqueline Leckie 9. Sexual Identity and the Australian Labor Movement in Historical Perspective Shane Ostenfeld 10. At a Turning Point: Organized Labor, Sexual Diversity, and the New South Africa Mazibuko K. Jara, Naomi Webster, and Gerald Hunt 11. On the Fringes of the New Europe: Sexual Diversity Activism and the Labor Movement David Rayside 12. Labor Unions and Sexual Diversity in Germany Ron Holzhacker 13. British Trade Unions and Sexual Diversity: Survey Evidence Since the 1980s Phil Greasley 14. Moving Forward in UNISON: Lesbian and Gay Self-Organization in Action Fiona Colan 15. Laboring for Rights in Global Perspective Gerald Hunt About the Contributors
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