Political Participation and Democracy in Britain

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Januar 1992



The results of a survey on the level and patterns of political involvement in Britain.


Preface; List of figures, tables and charts; Part I. Theories and Methods: 1. Participation and democracy; 2. The study of participation and its political context; Part II. Patterns and Pathways: 3. Patterns of political participation; 4. Individual resources; 5. Group resources; 6. Economic location; 7. Personal factors; 8. Political outlooks; 9. Party and values; 10. Who are the political activists; Part III. Issues and Actions: 11. Agendas and political action; 12. Do participants get what they want? The costs and benefits of participation; 13. Learning from political participation; Part IV. The Local Process: 14. The local political scene; 15. Local participation; 16. Local elites, activists and agendas; 17. Participation and the making of the local agendas; 18. The quality of local participation; Part V. Conclusions: 19. Participation and democracy in Britain; Appendices; Bibliography.


"This long-awaited 'big publication' from the poltical participation study of 1984-1985, financed by the Economic and Social Research Council of Britain, will not disappoint most of its academic audience...All in all, students of political participation and democracy across the globe have a lot to learn from reading this book." Donley T. Studlar, source??? "So general a description does not do justice to the wealth of information and analysis that the authors provide." American Political Science Review "This book has many strengths that deserve to make it a standard work in the field. It tries to set out a coherent picture of what circumstances lead which people to participate, how, and with what results. In the process it tells us much about British politics and adds greatly to the study of political participation in general. This is an ambitious project and some shortcomings are inevitable; but the book's achievements far outweigh its shortcomings...All-in-all a very impressive piece of research..." Mark N. Franklin, British Politics Group Newsletter
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