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Februar 2001



Close readings of canonical Spanish "Golden Age" and Latin American "colonial" texts, drawing heavily on the findings and strategies of psychoanalytic criticism, gender studies and Marxism, and offering an understanding of a repres


Visible signs - reading the wife's body in early modern Spain; "Pasos de un peregrino" - Luis de Len reads the perfect wife; the perfected wife - signs of adultery and the adultery of signs in Caldern's Elmedico de su honra; Sor Juana's Empe os - the imperfect wife.; conclusion - como anillo al dedo.


Georgina Dopico Black is Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese at New York University.


"Perfect Wives, Other Women is a remarkable and brilliant work. Ample in scope, lucidly and vividly argued, it traces the taut histories that link the figure of the wife with the languages and institutions of inquisition in the literary, legal, and religious cultures of early modern Spain. It is indispensable reading not just for students of Spain's Golden Age, but also for those interested in the articulation of institutional cultures and the somatic imaginary in early modern European culture more broadly."- Jacques Lezra, University of Wisconsin, Madison "Perfect Wives, Other Women is a theoretically informed and elegantly conceived study that combines sharp focus and broad scope. A superb work."- James D. Fernandez, author of Apology to Apostrophe: Autobiography and the Rhetoric of Self-Representation in Spain
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