Imaginations and Reveries

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November 2007



George William Russell, better known as Æ (1867-1935), mystic, poet, painter, journalist, editor, and practical rural economist, was a pivotal figure in the Irish literary revival and in the emergence of modern Ireland.

From the beginning of the twentieth century he formed life-long friendships with W. B. Yeats, George Moore, Lord Dunsany, James Stephens, Stephen Mackenna (translator of the Enneads of Plotinus), James Joyce, and other writers, thinkers, and artists, and was closely associated with the Irish National Theatre Society (later the Abbey Theatre). Russell's influence was as extensive in practical and political affairs as it was in the more intimate spiritual domain. The length and breadth of his thinking is evident in this present work.

I have not been able to make up a book with only one theme. My temperament would only allow me to be happy when I was working at art. My conscience would not let me have peace unless I worked at [social] reconstruction. . . . I have obeyed my intuitions wherever they drew me, for I felt that the Light within us knows better than any other the need and the way. . . . The reader must strike a balance between the contraries which exist here as they exist in us all, as they exist and are harmonised in that multitudinous meditation which is the universe. - from the Preface

Partial contents: The Dramatic Treatment of Legend; The Character of Heroic Literature; The Poet of Shadows; The Boyhood of a Poet; An Artist of Gaelic Ireland; Two Irish Artists; The Spiritual Conflict; Religion and Love; The Renewal of Youth; The Hero in Man; The Meditation of Ananda; The Midnight Blossom; The Childhood of Apollo; The Mask of Apollo; The Cave of Lilith; The Story of a Star; The Dream of Angus Oge; Deirdre.
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