The Heart of Psychotherapy: The Most Honest, Revealing, Fascinating Account of What Goes on in Therapy

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Februar 1996



Candid, compassionate, and groundbreaking, The Heart of Psychotherapy opened the door to the therapeutic office more than a decade ago, offering a generation of readers an unparalleled evaluation of what does - and what should - go on in therapy. This edition, published with a new expanded foreword written by the author, reaffirms Dr. George Weinberg's understanding of therapy as an intimate relationship between two people - the patient who has reached out for help and the therapist who wants to give it - and discusses particular issues that have emerged in the 1990s. In this new edition, Dr. Weinberg advises the healthy male on how to express his feelings openly; challenges therapists to refrain from imposing their prior beliefs on patients; and discusses the needed feminist influence in psychotherapy. Wise and sensitive, powerful and courageous, The Heart of Psychotherapy is an unusual, penetrating book that has long been regarded as the leading work in its field.


Dr. George Weinberg is the author of numerous books and articles, including "The Taboo Scarf "and the best-selling "Self-Creation." A nationally renowned psychotherapist, Dr. Weinberg lives in New York City, where his practice includes training other therapists as well as seeing private patients.


"Reminiscent of classical murder mysteries...complex investigations of a master sleuth searching for the demon within, the repressed evil, the killer of the psyche." --"The New York Times Book Review"
"Wise, frank, and marvelously readable...Weinberg is a hard writer not to like...His grip on character and keenness in spelling out the stages of an analysis bind the reader to the page." --"Kirkus Review"
"Engaging, uplifting, and refreshing...The nine encounters of "The Taboo Scarf" range from poignant insight on the part of the therapist to existential sleuthing." --"The Boston Globe"
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