190 Ready-To-Use Activities That Make Science Fun

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Juli 2003



High-interest, classroom-tested activities to help students master basic science concepts and skills This latest edition in George Watson's popular Ready-to-Use Activities series will help challenging secondary school populations master fundamental concepts in science. Combining basic skills with problem-solving and critical thinking skills, the activities in this book are specifically designed to breathe fun into the science classroom and capture the interest of all students--from those at-risk to independent high achievers. The volume focuses on the main strands of science--life science, physical science, and geoscience (earth and space). All activities are presented in a variety of entertaining formats such as puzzles and worksheets, with one-page exercises to entice students with short-attention spans.


George Watson has taught almost every elementary and junior high school subject during his 28 years of teaching. He most recently taught special education classes for grades 8 and 9 at Alexander Junior High School in the North Battleford (Saskatchewan) Public School Division. Mr. Watson also conducts in-service programs for teachers and parent-teacher organizations and speaks at local conventions. He is the author of Teacher Smart: 125 Tested Techniques for Classroom Management and Control and The Classroom Discipline Problem Solver, both from Jossey-Bass.
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