Underwriting Democracy: Encouraging Free Enterprise and Democratic Reform Among the Soviets and in Eastern Europe

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April 2004



One of the world's leading philanthropists describes his experiences helping to bring about democratic change in Eastern Europe--experiences that are especially relevant now that America has begun to intervene to create functioning democracies.


George Soros heads Soros Fund Management and is the founder of a global network of foundations dedicated to supporting open societies. Known throughout the world both for his financial acumen and for his political engagement, Soros is the author of several bestselling books including The Alchemy of Finance and The Crisis of Global Capitalism. PublicAffairs will publish his new book, The Bubble of American Supremacy, in January 2004.


"Amazingly readable. ... Filled with gripping anecdotes. ... Soros used his theories to outsmart the stock market. Now he's trying to tell Washington: Get ahead of events. Only then can you mold them."--USA Today
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