The Water Garden: Styles, Designs and Visions

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April 2003



An illustrated discussion of both grand and modest water gardens to be found throughout the world, including the Islamic masterpieces of Granada and Kashmir and the gardens of Kyoto in Japan. This book also includes a section on arrangements to suit modern gardens.


George Plumptre is a writer, journalist and garden specialist. His many works include Royal Gardens, The Collins Book of British Gardens and The Latest Country Gardens. Hugh Palmer is one of Britain's foremost photographers of architecture and gardens, and has contributed to numerous books, including Garden Ornament (1989). He is the author of The Most Beautiful Villages of Normandy (2002) and photographer for many other titles in this series.


'A fine book, with photographs so vivid that the water can almost be heard' - The Times 'Combines the erudition of the author with the superb colour photography of Hugh Palmer' - The Sunday Telegraph 'A lavish account of the history of water gardening, packed with old drawings and contemporary photographs' - The Independent on Sunday
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