Lawson: Politica Sacra Et Civilis

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August 2003



Lawson's Politica, a seventeenth-century treatise on politics in church and state.


Preface; Editor's introduction; A note on the text; Bibliographical guide; Principal dates; Epistle to the reader; Dedicatory poem; The arguments of the several chapters; 1. Of government in general, and the original thereof; 2. Of government in general, and of a community civil; 3. Of an ecclesiastical community; 4. Of a commonwealth in general, and power civil; 5. Of the manner how civil power is acquired; 6. Of power ecclesiastical; 7. Of the manner of acquiring ecclesiastical power; 8. Of the disposition of power civil, and the several forms of government; 9. Of the disposition of ecclesiastical power: and first, whether it be due unto the Bishop of Rome; 10. Whether the civil state have any good title to the Power of the Keys; 11. Whether episcopacy be the primary subject of the Power of the Keys; 12. Whether presbytery or presbyters be the primary subject of the Power of the Keys; 13. That the government of the church is not purely democratical, but like that of a free state, wherein the power is in the whole, not in any part, which is the author's judgement; 14. Of the extent of a particular church; 15. Of subjection in general, and the subjects of a civil state; 16. Of subjects in an ecclesiastical polity; Biographical notes; Index.


"This book contributes to a number of contemporary debates...It is therefore a timely and significant book. Each country is treated in great detail and current political developements are put in their historical context. This provides a useful reference book for students of contemporary Pacific isalnd politics. But this is also a provocative book...There are many imponderables thrown up by this book, which is perhaps one of its most provocative and important aspects...Lawson's book will be an essential part of this debate." H-Net Reviews
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