Heaven's Door: Immigration Policy and the American Economy

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April 2001



"This provocative and carefully researched book will create a lot of waves. In well written and engaging prose, George Borjas addresses some difficult questions and bravely provides some difficult answers to issues that America as a nation must confront. "Heaven's Door" will be controversial, but it will be by far the best and most important source document for the coming national debate on the Second Great Migration."--William Julius Wilson, Lewis P. and Linda L. Geyser University Professor, Harvard University"A new book by George Borjas always provides original and honest insights that help us better understand immigration's impact on our country."Heaven's Door" breaks important new ground on the social mobility of immigrants and their children and on the causes of the recent decline of immigrants' skills relative to those of natives. At the same time, it updates Borjas's work of the past decade on the costs and benefits of immigration. No one interested in the consequences of American immigration policy, present or proposed, should be without a well-worn copy."--U.S. Representative Lamar Smith"The steady, thoughtful work of George Borjas has had a profound impact on the always emotional debate over immigration policy in the United States. The present nature of the national immigration debate would be different indeed were it not for Borjas's work. This book may well be controversial, but its clarity, sincerity, and relevance for anyone fascinated with immigration issues is rock solid."--Alan Simpson, U.S. Senator (Wyo.), Retired"George Borjas has written a well-reasoned and well-documented book on the costs and benefits of immigration for the American economy. He offersimaginative proposals for reforms in immigration policies that deserve serious attention."--James J. Heckman, University of Chicago"George Borjas has nearly single-handedly turned the economic study of immigration into a respectable and heavily researched topic. Like all his


PREFACE xi ACKNOWLEDGMENTS xv CHAPTER 1: Reframing the Immigration Debate 3 CHAPTER 2: The Skills of Immigrants 19 CHAPTER 3: National Origin 39 CHAPTER 4: The Labor Market Impact of Immigration 62 CHAPTER 5: The Economic Benefits from Immigration 87 CHAPTER 6: Immigration and the Welfare State 105 CHAPTER 7: Social Mobility across Generations 127 CHAPTER 8: Ethnic Capital 146 CHAPTER 9: Ethnic Ghettos 161 CHAPTER 10: The Goals of Immigration Policy 174 CHAPTER 11: A Proposal for an Immigration Policy 189 CHAPTER 12: Conclusion 211 NOTES 213 INDEX 257


George J. Borjas is Pforzheimer Professor of Public Policy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government Harvard University and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. He is the author of several books, including Wage Policy in the Federal Bureaucracy, Friends or Strangers: The Impact of Immigrants on the U.S. Economy and Labor Economics.


Honorable Mention for the 1999 Award for Best Professional/Scholarly Book in Government and Political Science, Association of American Publishers "[A] tour de force on the economics of immigration. In the policy area where emotion or ideology usually overwhelms analysis, this is a stunning piece of research--nuanced, lucid and forceful... This is an enormously impressive book."--Peter Skerry, The Washington Post "For an impressively researched, brightly written and tightly argued polemic against America's current liberal immigration policy, look at Heaven?s Door."--Sylvia Nasar, New York Times "A former Cuban refugee, Borjas addresses vexing questions in the U.S. immigration debate, offering an up-to-date and informative assessment of the modern immigrant experience and an excellent review of the recent academic research."--Foreign Affairs "Borjas is the leading American economist conducting research and writing about immigration policy. A mervelous read..."--Library Journal "Borjas is a remarkably clear guide to the issues... Borjas, one is convinced, is acting from concern for the public good as his research has revealed it to him."--Nathan Glazer, Harvard Magazine "Will probably become the most influential, widely read study of the subject."--Choice "I highly recommend this book. It is written in a very accessible style; the arguments are easy to follow by nonexperts... For those who might want to consider some important facts that bear on the future of immigration to the United States, though, I would urge them to read this book."--Jim Gimpel, Political Science Quarterly "A thoughtful, sophisticated and richly informative book that merits close attention."--Stephan Thernstrom, Times Literary Supplement "A lively and penetrating investigation of the economic dimension of immigration in the US ... Borjas is an acknowledged master of inventive economic reasoning and theory, and he makes impressively extensive use of census and other data on immigrants. He, more than anyone, has brought the theoretical and methodological apparatus of contemporary economics to bear on immigration, and his contribution to the growth of the field has been considerable."--Jeffrey G. Reitz, Journal of International Migration and Integration "Heaven's Door is by far the best introduction I have seen to the economics of immigration."--New York Review of Books
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