Scoring at Half-Time

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This is a collection of the anecdotes, tales and general excessive humour that George Best is renowned for. It recounts saucy tales, inside stories and embarrassing incidents from George himself, Bobby, Dennis, Nobby, Gazza, Fergie and Posh and Becks.


Blessed with an extraordinary gift, George Best brought a beauty and grace to football. Christened the Fifth Beatle at his peak, Best was the first pop star footballer and had teenage girls flocking to Old Trafford decades before the likes of Giggs and Beckham. Unable to cope with the success and fame that his talent brought him, Best fell into alcoholism and his life has been littered with tales of women, sex and drink. Despite well-documented problems with his health and private life over the past few years, George Best has shown that he still retains the energy and character that have made him an icon to his many fans.


"The birds, the booze, the entertaining tell all" Sunday Times 20040719 "You'll love this" Evening Standard 20040719
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