The Bible: Respectful Readings

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This investigation of biblical experiences and teachings turns around an account of the Ten Commandments. The developments leading up to their promulgation are described and thereafter the consequences of their application in a variety of circumstances (including the Christian developments) are also shown.


Chapter 1 Table of Contents Chapter 2 1 On Taking the Bible Seriously Again Chapter 3 2 On Prophecy and Freedom Chapter 4 3 On Biblical Thought Chapter 5 4 Cain and Abel Chapter 6 5 Rebekah, Isaac, and Jacob Chapter 7 6 Joseph Chapter 8 7 Moses in Egypt Chapter 9 8 Moses at Sinai Chapter 10 9 The Ten Commandments Chapter 11 10 David Chapter 12 11 Solomon Chapter 13 12 Isaiah Chapter 14 13 Job Chapter 15 14 Jesus Chapter 16 15 The Lord's Prayer Chapter 17 16 The Nicene Creed Chapter 18 17 On the Yearning for Personal Immortality Chapter 19 Appendix A. Reason and Revelation: On Leo Strauss Chapter 20 Appendix B. Reason and Revelation: On Odysseus and Polyphemos Chapter 21 Appendix C. On the Status of the Political Order Chapter 22 Appendix D. On Being and One's Own Chapter 23 Appendix E. Leo Strauss and Judaism Revisited Chapter 24 Appendix F. On Beginnings (with Endnotes) Chapter 25 Appendix G. Shakespeare's Bible Chapter 26 Appendix H. Countdown to the Millenium: A Look atThe Revelation of St. John the Divine Chapter 27 Appendix I. John Locke andThe Reasonablenss of Christianity Chapter 28 Appendix J. The Holocaust and the Divine Ordering of Human Beings Chapter 29 Appendix K. Yearnings for the Divine and the Natural Animation of Matter Chapter 30 Endnotes Chapter 31 Index


George Anastaplo, author of numerous books, teaches at the University of Chicago, Loyola University, and Dominican University.


George Anastaplo brings some common sense questions and insightful comparisons drawn from classic Greek philosophic and literary works to bear on the most venerable Jewish and Christian text. The result is a set of fruitful inquiries and keen observations that the thoughtful and patient reader will find deeply rewarding. -- Jules Gleicher, Rockford College Anastaplo sees things that other people just do not see. The detail that does not seem to fit becomes in his hands the key to understanding. Surely no other law professor could have written these explorations of the Bible. He has reflected deeply both on the text of the Bible and on the relation of philosophy to revelation. The reader will be challenged, charmed, reassured, and enlightened. -- Christopher Colmo, Dominican University The Bible: Respectful Readings makes readers aware of both the questions addressed and the relevant evidence that should be assessed within the Bible...'[Anastaplo] has reflected deeply both on the text of the Bible and on the relation of philosophy to revelation. The reader will be challeged, charmed, reassured and enlightened.' The Greek Star, October 23, 2008 Anastaplo's The Bible: Respectful Readings is a calm, eminently reasonable, and ingenious exploration of biblical thought, and what the Hebrew and Greek Bibles have to tell us about ourselves here and now as well as in the past. Interesting comparisons with Shakespeare, classical poetry, Machiavelli, American thinkers, and others never fail to be illuminating. The emphasis is on the Bible's moral focus: for example, the story of Cain and Abel 'points up how critical one's standing before God can be for the human being'; but God's questions, first to Adam and Eve, and then to Cain, 'were designed ... to make ... [them] face up to what they had done and what they had become.' -- Laurence Berns, St. John's College
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