Early Theological Writings

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The best of Hegel's early writings, with an introduction on Hegel's philosophical development.


Introduction: Hegel's Philosophical Development. By Richard Kroner I. THE POSITIVITY OF THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION. Translated by T. M. Knox
Part I. How Christianity Became the Positive Religion of a Church
1. Preface
2. Position of the Jewish Religion
3. Jesus
4. Whence Came the Positive Element in Christianity?
5. The Conception of a Sect
6. The Teaching of Jesus
7. Jesus Has Much To Say about His Own Individual Personality
8. Jesus Speaks of Himself as the Messiah
9. Miracles
10. The Positive Element Derived from the Disciples
11. The Disciples Contrasted with the Pupils of Socrates
12. The Number of Disciples Fixed at Twelve
13. The Disciples Sent Forth on Their Mission
14. The Resurrection and the Commands Given Thereafter
15. How the Teaching of Jesus Came To Be Interpreted in a Positive Sense
16. What Is Applicable in a Small Society Is Unjust in a State
17. Common Ownership of Goods
18. Equality
19. The Lord's Supper
20. Expansionism
21. How a Moral or Religious Society Grows into a State
22. Conflict between Church and State: (a) In Matters Affecting Civil Rights Generally
23. (b) In Matters Affecting Property
24. (c) In Matters Affecting Education
25. Two Incidental Remarks about Church and State Relations
26. The Ecclesiastical Contract: Representation and the Power of the Citizens in Matters of Doctrine
27. Contract with the State
28. Defense of the Faith
29. The Form Morality Must Acquire in a Church
30. The Rise of Sects Inevitable
Part II. Materials for a Continuation of Part I 1. "Is Judaea, Then, the Teutons' Fatherland?" 2. How Christianity Conquered Paganism 3. How a Disinclination for Military Service Helped the Success of Christianity 4. Miracles
Part III. Revised Form of Sections 1-4 of Part I 1. Preface 2. Judaism 3. Jesus II. THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTIANITY AND ITS FATE. Translated by T. M. Knox i. The Spirit of Judaism ii. The Moral Teaching of Jesus: ([alpha]) The Sermon on the Mount Contrasted with the Mosaic Law and with Kant's Ethics iii. The Moral Teaching of Jesus: ([beta]) Love as the Transcendence of Penal Justice and the Reconciliation of Fate iv. The Religious Teaching of Jesus v. The Fate of Jesus and His Church III. LOVE. Tranlsated by T. M. Knox IV. FRAGMENT OF A SYSTEM. Translated by Richard Kroner Appendix. On Classical Studies. Translated by Richard Kroner Bibliographical Note. By Richard Kroner Index


Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) was perhaps the most systematic of the post-Kantian idealist German philosophers. T. M. Knox translated many of Hegel's works into English.


"With the appearance of this book the English-speaking world will learn something at first hand of the genesis of Hegel's ideas, the dominant intellectual themes of his youth, and the struggle of his penetrating, comprehensive mind to achieve clarity."-Philosophical Review "In these youthful essays there appears a Hegel almost unknown to the textbooks-not the master theorizer but an existential thinker who at times can outexistentialize even Kierkegaard himself; not a monolithic rationalist but a brooding, perceptive romantic. The writer of these pages is no defender of 'The System"; he is more prophet than professor, and more seeker than seer."-Christian Century
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