Wolfgang Amad Mozart

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One of Choice's Outstanding Academic Books of 1995 is now available in an affordable paper edition. Georg Knepler's biographical study explores the life and music of Mozart from many new perspectives. He sheds light on Mozart's creative psyche, political leanings, and the underlying basis of the composer's musical expressionits immediacy and appeal. A full-blown portrait of the man and his genius. 18 photos. 191 music examples.


1. Outline of a remarkable life; 2. From child prodigy to genius; 3. 'Expressing convictions and thoughts ... in notes'; 4. Mozart's reading habits; 5. Making things significant; 6. The major-minor opposition; 7. Mozart in the eyes of posterity; 8. A turning point; 9. Taking stock of Salzburg; 10. The move to Vienna; 11. Other remarkable lives; 12. 'Mozart of the Wohltatigkeit'; 13. Convictions and thoughts: a closer look; 14. A traditionalist?; 15. The question of imitation; 16. Zerlina and the three modes of music; 17. The 'genuine natural forms' of music; 18. Musical portraits; 19. How opera was dramatised by the symphony; 20. How instrumental music was semanticized by vocal music; 21. Conclusions from endings; 22. Building blocks and principles of construction; 23. 'A hostile fate - though only in Vienna'; 24. Mozart in his day and ours.


'... this is a book to be read enthusiastically from cover to cover, and to return to frequently ... a notable addition to the Mozart literature.' The Observer
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