It's Your Hormones

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According to Geoffrey Redmond, M.D., a majority of the 42 million American women between the ages of 35 and 55 suffer from vulnerability to their own hormones. Appearance, feelings-and even sex drive--may be affected. Symptoms include thinning hair, persistent acne, mood swings, low energy, loss of pleasure in sex, weight gain, irregular periods, and migraines. Lab tests are often normal because the problem is not the hormones themselves but how a woman's body reacts to them. Too often, these women are thwarted in their quest for help and brushed off with remarks such as, "Your tests are normal: there's nothing wrong with you." But hormonal balance can nearly always be restored with the treatments Dr. Redmond details, which include individualized use of prescription medications, herbal supplements, lifestyle changes, and even spiritual practices. Also, many women have heard that testosterone can help sex drive, but most have not been warned about the damage that careless testosterone therapy can cause on skin and hair. Here Dr. Redmond, an internationally recognized authority on testosterone in women, explains the only safe ways to use testosterone. With informative sidebars, quizzes, and personal stories of women who have overcome hormone vulnerability, this helpful book will empower women to find treatments for hormone problems that are tailored to fit their own body, biochemistry, symptoms, and lifestyle.


Geoffrey Redmond, M.D., is the founder and director of the Hormone Center of New York. An endocrinologist with more than two decades' experience in leading institutions and private practice, Dr. Redmond has helped thousands of women overcome hormonal vulnerability using the methods described in this book. The author of more than 100 medical and research publications, Redmond received his medical training at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and Rockefeller University.

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