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Life is not about finding yourself-it's about creating yourself. If you think of yourself as a success, you will be successful.

Author Geoffrey N. Kilonzo explores the myths concerning success in life such as: learning from failure, setting goals, the power of information, creativity, positive energy, rising above fear, controlling destiny, diligence, enthusiasm, giving, investment, professional pride, fearing God, and honoring spiritual fathers.

His thoughts? Success is a state of mind where time has no limit. Create your own opportunities, make mistakes, don't quit; keep moving, and go for it! This will guarantee success.
There are principles that govern the process of success. Once obeyed and implemented, the "can't" becomes "can."

The Art of Success is a must-read for all who want to be extraordinary.

If you are serious about making your dreams a reality, and if you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done. Stay connected to your dreams; keep your eyes on the prize. To be a master of your fate, you must master the art of success.
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