The Prehistoric Exploration and Colonisation of the Pacific

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März 2004



A reassessment of the settlement of the Pacific, one of the most remarkable episodes in human prehistory.


1. An introduction to the Pacific and the theory of its settlement; 2. Pleistocene voyaging and the settlement of Greater Australia and its Near Oceanic neighbours; 3. Issues in Lapita studies and the background to Oceanic colonisation; 4. Against, across and down the wind: a case for the systematic exploration of the remote Pacific; 5. The colonisation of Eastern Melanesia, West Polynesia and Central East Polynesia; 6. The colonisation of Hawaii, New Zealand and their neighbours; 7. Issues in the colonisation of Micronesia; 8. Voyaging by computer: experiments in the exploration of the remote Pacific Ocean; 9. Voyaging after colonisation and the study of culture change; 10. The rediscovery of Pacific exploration; Bibliography; Index.


'... one of the most innovative and interesting works on Polynesian prehistory in many years ... this work will fundamentally change Pacific archaeology, redirecting our questions and reshaping our ideas about the past.' Man
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