Embassies in Armed Conflict

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During wartime, embassies assume different roles and face various situations. An embassy might represent a belligerent state while being situated in an enemy, an allied, or a neutral state. This book offers an examination of how embassies work and cope during wartime, with a focus on the experiences of the British, American, and Indian embassies.


Preface; List of abbreviations used in text and citation; Introduction; 1 The Military Component; Defence section; Military advisers; Intelligence officers; 2 Embassies in Enemy States; Initial siege; Prompt and dignified departures; Internment pending exchange; Preserving diplomatic relations; 3 Neutral Embassies to Belligerents; Helping expatriates; Reporting the war; Commercial work; Protecting foreign interests; 4 Belligerent Embassies to Neutrals; Propaganda; Espionage and special operations; Evaders and escapers; Placating the host; Handling peace feelers; 5 Embassies to Frontline Allies; In conventional warfare; In low-intensity warfare; The risk of militarization; Conclusion; Appendix 1 Heads of British mission at Kabul, 2001-10; Appendix 2 Appointment of Protecting Powers and of their Substitute: Article 5 of the Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts, 8 June 1977; References; Index.


G. R. Berridge is Emeritus Professor of International Politics at the University of Leicester, UK, and a Senior Fellow of DiploFoundation. He was for many years general editor of the Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Diplomacy series, and Associate Editor for twentieth century diplomatists of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. He has written numerous books on diplomacy, including a best-selling textbook, Diplomacy: Theory and Practice (4th ed; 2010) and the Dictionary of Diplomacy (2004).


"The study of the resident embassy is a key component of diplomatic studies and an expanding area of interest among scholars. In this, his latest book, G.R. Berridge explores a little-studied aspect of the field, the performance of embassies in times of war. Clearly structured, lucid in style and with a host of historical examples, the book will be essential reading for students, academics and practitioners alike. (John W. Young, Professor of International History, University of Nottingham and author of Twentieth Century Diplomacy."
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