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General Sir Mike Jackson's illustrious career in the British Army has spanned almost 45 years and all that time he has shown loyalty, courage and commitment to the British army whilst also being an undeniable media attraction. This autobiography exhibits his professionalism, his honesty, his directness, his exuberance and his sense of humour.


General Sir Mike Jackson is the best known British General of modern times. He retired in the autumn of 2006 after almost 45 years of service in the British army finishing as its head as Chief of the General Staff.


"Engagingly recounted with both intelligence and candour...General Jackson is a man of high principles, who on more than one occasion was prepared to lay his career on the line to defend [his] beliefs. In this highly readable and fascinating book, he speaks a great deal of good sense. More importantly, he is able to publicly voice his concerns for the future and defend the soldiers he clearly cares about" -- James Holland Sunday Telegraph "Utterly compelling...Jackson has provided a model of the modern military commander, media friendly, internationally minded and politically sensitive...Indispensable reading" -- Andro Linklater The Spectator "Insightful and valuable...In his account of his career, he has exposed the weaknesses and failures that led to the challenges facing our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan today" -- Michael Evans The Times "A very readable, personal account of a man who rose to the top of the army and gained a reputation for being a 'no-nonsense' commander" -- Richard Norton-Taylor The Guardian "His trademark blunt honesty and humour are to the fore in his autobiography...He has a very interesting story to tell...An engaging and honest account that would repay reading by all those who seek to understand the 21st century British army" The Independent 20070921
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